Fashion as a Force for Good

We believe fairness is never out of fashion. Khala fuses contemporary African inspired Streetwear with fair working conditions and sustainable materials. Our high quality products are co-created by our customers, proudly crafted by our tailors in Malawi, and sold worldwide.  Together we create jobs in the Malawian textile industry and contribute to a sustainable increase in income. Each product we sell tells a khalaful story of a more equitable and sustainable reality.


Our social business Khala combines African tradition with European Zeitgeist. Our designs represent the intercultural collaboration we have been developing the last years. While jackets, skirts, pants and accessories are tailored in our studio in Lilongwe, our team in Germany looks after sales and marketing. With Khala we give our Malawian colleagues the chance to secure their livelihood through their own strengths and skills. We pay for our colleagues’ health insurance and their children’s school fees.  Equality and fair salaries are self-evident. We source our material from Malawi and neighbour countries to promote the local economy. As our goal is to become 100% organic, a major part of our cotton fabric is already coming from organic farming.


Our collection

The patterns for the current collection were designed by the Munich design studio ‘Piekfein’. In Malawi’s capital Lilongwe, a small team crafts the garments. The high-quality materials for all pieces get, as far as possible, sourced in Malawi and other countries of the region. Traditional African Chitenje fabrics are a outstanding feature of Khala design. These colorfully patterned cotton fabrics play an important role in the culture of Malawi and other countries in East and West Africa. In addition, ecologically produced cotton and hemp fabrics are used.