Twisted Headband


Upcycling headband from Chitenge ‘Moongarden’ off-cuts. 100% cotton.

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Our twisted headband is a true upcycling product. It consists of 100% fabric off-cuts from your favorite Chitenge ‘Moongarden’. In order to reduce our fabric remnants and complete your ‘Moongarden’ style, we sew hairbands from the left overs.
Each headband is elastic at the back. There are two loops at the front, which intertwine to form the ‘twist’ at the front that decorates your forehead.

We have three different sizes. Hats are usually too small for you – order L. Hats rather slap into your face – order S. You are unsure – then order M. Please also consider how you prefer to wear your headband. If you wear it over your hair order M or L. For hairstyles under the hair rather choose S or M. You want to do both? Order M.

S, M, L

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