Solidarity collaboration

Khala has not only always stood for social justice and fair cooperation, Khala is only existing for these values. Their implementation, through solidarity with economically less privileged people, is at the top of our agenda. Our approach of social business does not create one-sided dependency. Even though we are separated by thousands of kilometers, Khala is always ONE team and only works as such. All those involved in the company work together on an equal footing and benefit equally from their work. This is also reflected in balanced salaries, which are primarily based on personal skills.

Conviction and passion

We are convinced that we are committed to doing the right thing. The offices of this world are full of people who do what they are doing without knowing what they are doing because they are paid to do so. We know what we are doing: we are working towards an utopia. With this goal in mind, it is easy to go to great lengths. It is our enthusiasm for Khala’s values ​​and belief in systemic change that pushes us to go further.

Resilience and solution orientation

Our passion gives us the resilience to handle difficult situations. In everyday work at Khala, things often turn out differently than expected. When the time comes, we don’t give up, we find a way to continue. Prudence, optimism, humor and experience let us deal with crises of all kinds. We know that looking back, every challenge is an important lesson. Equipped with creativity and a bit of courage, crises offer us the opportunity to try out new things and develop ourselves further. This can give opportunity for ideas for products or approaches that would otherwise not have come up.

Learning ability

Khala wants to enable personal growth. The company develops along with our skills. We are all constantly learning and getting better at what we do. For this, we want to recognize our talents and weaknesses and exploit potential. What helps us to develop:

  • Try new things: question conventions, change perspectives, think outside the box
  • Be self-determined: dare to act independently
  • Work together: be open to good advice, learn from others, exchange ideas
  • Learn from mistakes: question your own actions and draw conclusions from them, accept praise and criticism and implement them
  • Just do it: tackle it, learning by doing, don’t get lost in theories

Ecological responsibility

We must not forget the deeper connections: only what does not harm the environment is good for people in the long run. We therefore base our corporate development on a responsible approach to nature. Our declared goal is to be resource and climate neutral in production and logistics. This applies to the supply chain of materials as well as to shipping and disposal. Despite all our efforts, we are aware that there is still a long way to go to ensure that our sustainability requirements are fully implemented. We fight for the principles of slow fashion, promote conscious consumption and sell high quality and therefore durable products.


We remain true to ourselves and our ideals. When we make decisions at Khala, we are guided by our values. This applies to the entire company development. As a result, many actions that are taken for granted by conventional companies are out of the question for us. Reality sometimes places difficult tasks on us and it is not always easy to maintain our integrity one hundred percent when solving them. We will still work towards it with full conviction.