Our garment production is a collaborative process that takes place under one roof. Khala combines production and international sales. The nature of our collaboration is quite exceptional and allows us to operate beyond certifications and seals. At our Khala studio in Malawi's capital Lilongwe, a small team carefully handcrafts all garments.

The high quality materials for all designs are sourced as much as possible from Malawi and countries in the region. Traditional African Chitenge fabrics are a striking feature of Khala designs. These colorful patterned cottons play an important role in the culture of Malawi and other countries in East and West Africa. In addition, ecologically produced cotton and hemp fabrics are used.

Another focus of Khala is therefore on spreading the Slow Fashion principle, appreciating the craftsmanship behind each product, raising awareness for conscious consumption and the responsibility that one shares with one's purchase decision. This also means that we value quality over quantity: instead of constantly launching new collections on the market at short intervals, we continuously optimize models that have already been developed. Translated with (free version)


Every Khala product is made by hands. To sew a jacket, our tailors need skill, concentration and strong nerves. Our materials are very different in their properties. Some are elastic, others are stiff. In order to combine all the components into a harmonic overall look, with consistent quality, each step must be executed with precision.

We do not have an efficient division of labor. Whether it's a bumbag or a reversible jacket, the respective product is made by one person from the first seam to the final ironing. This is by no means a common process in the fashion industry, as it takes a lot of time and requires various skills. Spatial thinking is just as important as operating and adjusting the sewing machines.

To appreciate the craftsmanship of our tailors you will find on the label of your purchased Khala item the name of the person who made it. At the end, each product is individually checked for quality. If there are errors, these can be repaired. So we ensure that you get only the best quality.

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