Together we are transforming the economy into a socially and environmentally responsible system that transcends borders.

Equality of wealth

We want to use our social and environmental influence to create economic equality and reduce the wealth gap.


We want to value people, their abilities and needs in order to create space for personal growth.


This is what the term belonging means to us: a diverse team working together on something meaningful.


Opportunities through cooperation

Through joint action, we work for equal opportunities and social justice. Khala creates attractive jobs, promotes potential and talent and builds sustainable structures.

Appreciation of craft

Khala is committed to spreading the Slow Fashion principle. Appreciating the craftsmanship, time and effort that go into each product means putting quality before quantity.

Leading by example

We do what we stand for. In doing so, we want to inspire other people and companies to become aware of their responsibility and impact.

Broaden horizons and build trust

Through global communication and cooperation, people come together and gain valuable insights into the world beyond their own nose. This is how we build bridges between countries and continents and enable an exchange of knowledge, experiences and perspectives.


What we do sometimes requires a lot of energy. But no one ever said that achieving our goals would be easy. Sustainable development requires time and effort. Step by step, we realise our vision.


Trust and honesty

Humanity and solidarity

Passion and integrity

Awareness and responsibility

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