Together we transform the economy into a socially and ecologically responsible system beyond borders.

Wealth equality

We want to use our social and environmental impact to create economical equality and decrease the wealth gap.

Appreciation of people

We want to value people, their skills and needs to create room for personal growth.


This is how we picture belonging: a diverse team working together on something meaningful.


Creation of opportunities in collaboration

Through joint trade we stand up for equal opportunities and social justice. Khala creates attractive jobs, promotes potentials and talents as well as builds sustainable structures.

Appreciation of craft

Khala focusses on spreading the Slow Fashion principle. Appreciating the craft, time and effort that went into each product means valuing quality over quantity.

Broadening horizons and building trust

Through global communication and collaboration, people come together and gain valuable insights into the world that stretches beyond the edge of their noses. This is how we build bridges between countries and continents along with enabling an exchange of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives.

Leading by example

We do what we stand for. In doing so we want to inspire other individuals and corporations to be aware of their responsibility and impact.


What we do sometimes requires a lot of energy. But nobody ever said that it would be easy. Sustainable development requires time and effort. Step by step we realize our vision.


Our main values are trust and honesty, humanity and solidarity, passion and integrity, awareness and responsibility.