We believe fairness is never out of fashion. Khala fuses contemporary African inspired Streetwear with fair working conditions and sustainable materials. Our high quality products are co-created by our customers, proudly crafted by our tailors in Malawi, and sold worldwide. Together we create jobs in the Malawian textile industry and contribute to a sustainable increase in income.
Each product we sell tells a khalaful story of a more equitable and sustainable reality.


It all started with Kitenge, the colourful fabric we use for our jackets. You can see it in every street in Malawi, from the capital city Lilongwe to the smallest, most remote village. Kitenge or wax prints are traditional in many African countries. You buy a piece of Kitenge at your local market and take it to a tailor recommended by a friend. In Malawi, community ties are important and many products are handmade, just like our Khala jackets. Many people love the rich colours and vibrant patterns, different on every piece of Kitenge. So why are they not on every street in Europe? One answer is trade relations. While Malawi provides raw goods such as tea and tobacco for the whole world, there are almost no manufactured products to export. Khala is changing that. Our goal is to rebuild the textile industry in Malawi, with fashion that is 100% fair, sustainable and made in Africa from start to finish. We take one step at a time. Since 2017, we have built our own production in Lilongwe. Slowly, we are growing. This is Khala today: small but happy studio, five sewing machines, one computer, eight people and a lot of intercultural teamwork. Our tailors are proud of their craft. We pay them fair wages, and pay for the education of their children and healthcare of their families. Together, we are changing global trade. You can support this story of change and solidarity. With your Khala jacket, you show that you care by investing in fairness. Every jacket comes with a note from the tailor who made it for you.
By wearing your jacket, you bring the spirit of Malawi to the streets of Europe: joy, diversity, and colour expressed in Kitenge.


The patterns for the current collection were designed by the Munich design studio 'Piekfein'. In Malawi's capital Lilongwe, a small team crafts the garments. The high-quality materials for all pieces get, as far as possible, sourced in Malawi and other countries of the region. Traditional African Chitenje fabrics are a outstanding feature of Khala design. These colorfully patterned cotton fabrics play an important role in the culture of Malawi and other countries in East and West Africa. In addition, ecologically produced cotton and hemp fabrics are used.