Khala is more than a fair fashion label. Our designs are an expression of cultural exchange, characterised by the intercontinental, fair and equal cooperation of our team. In 2017, we set up our own small tailoring workshop in Lilongwe - the capital of Malawi. There, we combine European designs with African prints and sustainable materials. At Khala, fashion is the means to make a difference. Together, we create jobs in the Malawian textile industry and contribute to a sustainable increase in the income of our colleagues. Each Khala piece contributes to a story of change that begins with solidarity.


We believe that good things happen when people work together.

Wherever the path of Khala may lead, the most important thing for us is that we walk this path together. The fact that our team has a sense of unity and that we work together from different parts of the world is our greatest asset. Through this global communication and collaboration, people come together and gain valuable insights into the world that stretches beyond the edge of their noses. This is how we build bridges between countries and continents and enable an exchange of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives. This is what happens: In our tailor shop in Malawi, all Khala garments are made. In Germany the distribution takes place. One does not work without the other. Through the joint trade in durable, lovingly made clothing, we stand up for equal opportunities and social justice. Khala creates attractive jobs and promotes potential. All customers are also part of Khala. Every purchase of a Khala garment supports the development of a fair and sustainable textile industry in Malawi and is thus a direct contribution to systemic change.



Through joint action, we work for equal opportunities and social justice. Khala creates attractive jobs, promotes potential and talent and builds sustainable structures.


Gemeinsam transformieren wir die Wirtschaft in ein sozial und ökologisch verantwortliches System, das sich über Grenzen hinweg setzt.


We build bridges between countries and continents and enable an exchange of knowledge, experience and perspectives. In addition, we pay for the education of our team members' children.


All Khala garments and accessories are handmade in our own small tailor shop. This way we can guarantee fairness and transparency. You will find the name of the tailor on every Khala garment.


Khala is committed to spreading the Slow Fashion principle. Appreciating the craftsmanship, materials, time and effort that go into each product means putting quality before quantity.


The health of our team is particularly important to us, which is why we have set up an in-house health insurance scheme to provide adequate health care for all team members.

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